• Fred

Outdoor sports enthusiast and adventurer, Fred,V8’s founder, develops all our products with a humorous approach, but always pays attention to details.
Between two planes, he drive away in the “the Land rover” to get some resource from the beautiful landscapes of southern France.

  • Nathalie

Dancer but also young Mom independent and punchy, she manages, with a smile and diplomacy all the import process of our products, among many other things. "There are no problems, just solutions" is his motto.

  •  Laurence

Independent and self-taught, free flyers and yoga addict , she is in charge of business development. She toured France and Europe to meet new partners his partners and Her ROL160 and DBP35 on the back.

  • Marie

Calm et artist, always with a cup of tea as inspiration, away from prying birds in her overheated bunker, she develops and builds all the supports linked to the communication and marketing aspects of the brand.

  • Jean-François

Newest in the V8 tribe, big fan of home-trainer and pasta party during lunch time, he is in charge of the BtoB and BtoC sales management. He tries to keep fit playing with boxes.

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