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The hydration belt BNA3,6.1 is the latest innovation of V8 equipment. Compromise ideal between the saddle bag and the hydration bag, it is light, practical and especially thought for all. The compartment hosting the can (800 ml, delivered with the BNA3,6.1)...

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The jumpsuit is warm and confortable.

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The PDZ 12.6 is a high-performance inflatable SUP, perfectly adapted to race, nautical hikes or daily physical practice!

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PDZ 11.6 is an ultra versatile inflatable paddle touring, wave, race . You will discover the shore in a different way ! It is an inflatable paddle that always find its place in the trunk of your car.

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THE PDZ 15.1 is an ultra versatile inflatable paddle: hiking, wave, race.You will discover the shore in a different way! It is an inflatable paddle that always find its place in the trunk of your car.

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The KBT 15.1 is a swimsuit that can also be worn as shorts (ultra- fast drying in 10 minutes! ).

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140.1 The TCR is a MUST on the market carrying bag backpack inflatable SUP.

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The DMS 60.2 is a fully waterproof 60 liters backpack, the perfect companion for adventurers and navigators !

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The DMS 30.2 messenger is a totally waterproof backpack with a roll top closure system. With its optional back protector, that Messenger Version is perfect for couriers.

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The 30.2 DMS is a fully dry 30 liters backpack : fill, roll, close with the loops... and there you are : now it's completely waterproof !
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