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Un sac à dos adaptable et ultra robuste pour tout type de voyage. Ses bretelles adaptables à souhait (en mode sac à dos ou valise à main), le grand volume à compartiment du TMN 55.1 (au choix : 1, 2 ou 3 compartiments) et ses multiples rangements extérieurs...

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The EXP 33.1 is a very robust travel bag, designed to help you both in your daily adventures in your extreme expeditions.

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The EXP 85.2 is a very robust travel bag, especially made to accompany you in your daily adventures and extreme expeditions.

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Ultra-light, resistant, and even waterproof, this bag will become your best friend for your short trips or sports activities.

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Ultra lightweight, very durable and especially waterproof, the DDL 60.2 is the travel bag "multi-purpose": water sports, winter trips, motorbike trips...

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The DDL 90.1 is a waterproof 90 Liters travel bag, perfect for weekends for 2 and/or to travel in extreme climatic conditions.

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Ce set de bagage V8 vous accompagnera dans tous vos déplacements. Idéal pour les coffres de Porsche GT mais aussi pour tous les autres !

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An XXL luggage that will thrill you by its large capacity and its very large opening system, while remaining easily manageable.

99,00 € 79,20 € In Stock
The EXP 110.1 is a very sturdy travel bag, specifically made to accompany you in your daily adventures and extreme expeditions. 

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2 in 1 travel bag inspired from troops bags including a removable bag and wearable separately

119,00 € 95,20 € In Stock
The ROL 180.2 is an XXXL wheeled luggage, ideal for those who regularly transport bulky equipment.
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